I’m having a bit of a nightmare week. My PC is randomly BSOD-ing and getting stuck when booting up, and even the computer geek boyfriend isn’t sure whether it’s the hard drive, motherboard, or something else entirely that’s causing the crashes. I’m also in the process of sorting out this blog, if you’re wondering where all my posts have gone, as a lot of my photos disappeared from my account and I’m trying to relocate them. I aim to have all my old posts back up, edited, and with their actual photos, by Wednesday at the latest next week!



* Muffin time!

It’s really hard to eat vaguely healthily over the Christmas period. Now we have that clichéd statement out of the way, let’s get real – it’s pretty much impossible to eat healthily over the Christmas period, unless you have iron will and no tastebuds.

I know people are trying to be nice by offering snacks, and trust me, I do love the fact that each house I visit seems to have it’s own Christmas corner full of crisps, chocolates, cakes, and biscuits, but there’s only so many times a girl can say no before a) it’s rude and b) she says yes. Or maybe that’s just me.


I was searching online in desperation for an acceptable sweet treat until I found this recipe for skinny banana chocolate chip muffins. I’ve managed to kid myself that they’re healthy, so at the moment they are acting as a snack that tastes less of guilt in this oh-so-guilty season. I have made a few versions of these using 6-7inch bananas, and 75g of milk chocolate is the best in my opinion. Dark chocolate also works, but I would use slightly less as it is very rich and can overpower the flavour. I tried adding some oats in one batch and they gave a nice texture, too!

If you’re lazy, I’ve converted the measurements into the easier g/ml/tsp format, rather than American cups, below:

 Skinny Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


180g flour
1 tsp baking soda / 2-3 baking powder
¼ tsp salt
3 bananas
85g honey / 60ml honey / 12 tsp honey
1 tbsp vanilla
1 tbsp olive/coconut oil
1 egg
122g/120ml plain or greek nonfat yogurt
1 tbsp milk
75g chocolate

ENJOY! Oh, and here are my creations…